Design Process

We offer design renderings and personal collaboration in the design process to give clients a full visual representation of the designated interior or exterior spaces. Our process begins with a client interview to fully understand the requirements, functionality and budget for the designated space. We then work collaboratively so our clients fully understand the costs alternatives, selection of materials, products and have a clear vision for the finished results. We are committed to designs and selection of materials that meet your design requirements and budget.

Our Process

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Our Process:

  1. Interview with the client to fully understand the clients requirements for the designated spaces: needs, lifestyle and main purpose of the space and any desired personal touches. During the interview, If assistance with ‘design style’ is needed to assist the client in understanding and their design style of choice our designer will assist and take the client through a guided discovery of design styles and trends which match the clients lifestyle and persona.
  2. Take measurements and create a floor plan or use builders floor plan for the designated spaces.
  3. Collect and present colors, finishing materials, products and furniture pictures which will be used in the design.
  4. Prepare 1-2 design options plans and project management plan. If desired, these selections will be used to present different design alternatives designed to meet different budget requirements for the designated spaces.
  5. Our professional team will manage all aspects and ensure quality of your design project designed to eliminate any stresses during the processes.
  6. Deliver high quality finished results and have client complete our designer 360 degree evaluation report card used to ensure we constantly exceed our customer expectations with every space.

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